The Healthcare System Needs Complete Overhaul – My Recent Healthcare Ordeal

I absolutely agree with President Obama that our healthcare system is badly broken, extremely expensive, and unquestionably ineffective. And the time to fix the entire system, which is greed-driven, is TODAY. I applaud the President for his courage and conviction to standup to the status quo and demand a change NOW! We, as citizens of […]

Maximized Living: New Rankings for US Healthcare System

The American healthcare system continues to crumble. Bankruptcy due to medical expenses is at an all time high. While the health of Americans is at an all time low. From medical errors, unnecessary procedures, and drug prescription side effects to increases in heart disease, cancer, and degenerative illness, the truth continues to be uncovered. Startling […]

Healthcare System

Importance Of Technology In Healthcare System Healthcare is a business today and like any other business the major motto is profit. But at the same time technological advances are required because until and unless the caregivers provide advanced technology and advanced result the patients will not trust them. In most of the countries healthcare is […]